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In an effort to get back into a regular writing routine, I started an email newsletter in the summer of 2019.

Starting a weekly newsletter was an idea that I had been mulling over for quite awhile. I started the project in an effort to hold myself accountable but also to reconnect with my community, near and far, by writing about the things that make me happy or happen to be occupying my brain space at any given time. I started the newsletter as a way to focus my attention and set goals/intentions for myself that will lead to real work.

For the most part, Stop. Look. Listen. Hear. is an ode to the topics and themes I love writing about the most: growing up, nostalgia, current events, history, technology, art, travel, books, podcasts, television, music, and film.

I aim to release a new issue every Sunday evening.

Learn more and read past issues here.